Love that makes a beautiful person (Friday Khutbah)



Friday Khutbah, January 9, 2015 at Kanata Muslim Association

Loving Allah and His Messenger Muhammad ﷺ is an integral part of Islamic belief. But what should be the effect of that love? We explore the practical manifestations of love for the beloved Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

Love that makes a beautiful person (Runs 26:41 ~ 6.4 MB)


Opinion: This is not our Islam (Kingston Whig-Standard)

By Sikander Hashmi

Earlier this year, a Kingston Muslim mother was at her son’s hockey game when she was handed a booklet. She took a look and what she found left her very upset.

The booklet was actually a horrible attempt at proselytizing to Muslims in the form of a comic strip, filled with mockery of Islamic teachings and negative stereotypes about Muslims. It certainly didn’t bring her any closer to converting to Christianity. I mentioned this in a sermon at the Islamic Centre of Kingston. There were no protests and no violence.

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