Resources: Authentic Supplications for Morning and Evening

We have a daily reading of hadith every morning after Fajr prayers. Recently, we have been reading about supplications to be recited in the morning and evening.

Here is a compilation of those supplications. These have been recommended for the remembrance of Allah and His exaltation and as a means of continuously seeking His help and protection.



It’s been over four years since I stopped actively blogging. That happened after I discover my 180,000 words of blogging over eight months had virtually allowed Google to index my life.

Hopefully, that won’t happen again.

As the famous saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) goes, “Actions are judged by their intentions.” Thus, my intention in starting this blog is to make a positive contribution to the many discourses that are either going on or should be going on, by sharing knowledge, insights, feelings, tidbits or anything else that can be of some sort of benefit to myself or to readers.

If I feel this blog is doing more harm than good, I’ll shut it down.

Thanks for stopping by.