Every drop counts (Green Khutbah Campaign)



Friday Khutbah, April 24, 2015 at Kanata Muslim Association

We often take water and other natural resources for granted. This year’s Green Khutbah Campaign forces us to think twice before we consume – especially in light of alarming developments related to water on earth. We reflect on Islamic teachings related to water and consumption.

Every drop counts {Green Khutbah} (Runs 25:09 ~ 6 MB)


Balancing hope and fear (Friday Khutbah)



Friday Khutbah, April 17, 2015 at Kanata Muslim Association

Some people are all about doom and gloom while for others, there’s always hope, no matter what how hopeless a situation may be. How should a believer approach these two common extremes? We explore the believer’s balance of hope and fear.

Balancing hope and fear (Runs 29:51 ~ 7.2 MB)


Blessed to do More with Less (Friday Khutbah)


Friday Khutbah, April 10, 2015 at Kanata Muslim Association

We live in lean times. When faced with financial pressures, we either attempt to cut or to increase sources of revenue. But those aren’t our only options. We explore a very special third way to do more with less.

Blessed to do More with Less (Runs 23:46 ~ 5.7 MB)


Connections for building success (Friday Khutbah)


Friday Khutbah, April 3, 2015 at Kanata Muslim Association

The Canadian Muslim community is facing unprecedented challenges. Tackling the issues through wise and permissible means is important, but there are two other ingredients that are needed for success. We discuss our future together.

Connections for building success (Runs 29:58 ~ 7.2 MB)