Four steps to extinguish anti-Muslim hate (Friday Khutbah)

extenguishFriday Khutbah, March 25, 2016 at Kanata Muslim Association

Muslims today aren’t the first ones to face hatred and animosity because of their beliefs. While the current situation may seem dire, it’s important to counter hatred with positivity. We discuss a four-step plan to extinguish the flames of anti-Muslim hate and intolerance.

Four step to extinguish anti-Muslim hate (Runs 34:39 ~ 8.3 MB)


Duty to respond (Friday Khutbah)


Friday Khutbah, January 30, 2015 at Kanata Muslim Association

Misconceptions and accusations against Islam and Muslims appear to be everywhere. Should we respond? How? We look at cases of false accusations from our past and discuss lessons learned that can guide our response today.

Duty to respond (Runs 31:01 ~ 7.4 MB)


Dealing with hate and mistrust (Friday Khutbah)

Friday Khutbah, May 10, 2013 at the Islamic Centre of Kingston (Ontario)

New statistics indicate the Canadian Muslim population has grown to 1 million. Some are alarmed while others continue to spread hatred against us and our faith. How should we respond? What do we learn from past incidents and teachings of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)?

Dealing with hate and mistrust (Runs 34:49 ~ 15.9 MB)