The Pulse: Parenting Teens

June 24, 2011: What is the best way to parent teenagers? What techniques and approaches should be adopted? How can parents maintain positive relationships with their teens?

The Pulse: Parenting Teens

The Pulse is a weekly program held Friday evenings at the Islamic Centre of Kingston (Ontario) that discusses topics the Imam has been asked about recently.

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Mosques & Youth Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit

Mosques & Youth Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit by the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (UK)

Overall there seemed to be 4 key themes emerging from the workshops:

  • Mosques need to be more than just places of ritual worship
  • Improvement in the delivery aspect of the sermons and education to make them more accessible and relevant to young British Muslims
  • Greater involvement of the Muslim community
  • Greater interaction with the wider community, including opening up the mosque, engaging in inter-faith dialogue and responding to the media.