Day after Canada’s hockey win, Canada’s hockey loss

As the country goes wild over its men’s ice hockey gold at the Vancouver Olympics, another Team Canada put up a strong effort but fell short by a goal, half way around the world at the field hockey World Cup in Delhi, India. Canada lost 3-2 to New Zealand in its first game at the tournament today.

This is the first time since 1998 that Canada has made it to the field hockey World Cup. Canada has won only 5 of 29 World Cup games.

For all the flag-waving patriotic Canadians out there, are you going to support the field hockey team or are you going pretend you don’t know about them because they’re losers? Do you support your country’s sportsmen only when they’re winners?


Omar Khadr’s rights violated, government should do something: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada has just issued a ruling on the Omar Khadr case. Here’s the summary of the ruling, in the Court’s own words:

“The appropriate remedy in this case is to declare that K’s Charter rights were violated, leaving it to the government to decide how best to respond in light of current information, its responsibility over foreign affairs, and the Charter.”

So the Court is saying: Yes, Khadr’s rights were violated. We’re not going to order you (the government) to bring him home from Guantanamo, but we expect you to do something to fix this.
The court has also awarded costs to Khadr.

For anyone who’s interested, the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, part of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, was one  of the intervenors and supported Khadr’s case.