Beacons of Mercy (Friday Khutbah)

Friday Khutbah, July 11, 2014 at the Kanata Muslim Association

Allah is the Most Merciful, His Messenger ﷺ‎ was sent as a mercy for the entire universe,  Ramadan is the season of mercy. What role should mercy play in our lives? Why do we need mercy? We discuss the Mercy of the Creator, the mercy of the creation and the connection between the two.

Beacons of Mercy (Runs 17:23 ~ 5.8 MB)


Performing a Ramadan reset (Friday Khutbah)

Friday Khutbah, July 4, 2014 at the Kanata Muslim Association

Through the year, we’ve downloaded apps, malware and viruses that are causing havoc in our hearts and minds and eating up valuable spiritual system resources. Ramadan is a great time to clean up, refresh and renew. We talk about how to perform a Ramadan reset.

Performing a Ramadan reset (Runs 27:04 ~ 9 MB)


Ramadan of love (Friday Khutbah)

Friday Khutbah, June 27, 2014 at the Kanata Muslim Association

For many Muslims, Ramadan is about rituals — the ritual of fasting, the ritual of night prayers and the ritual of reciting Qur’an. Yet, there is a lot more to Ramadan than just rituals. We take a look at transforming Ramadan from a month of rituals to a month of love.

Ramadan of love (Runs 23:05 ~ 8.3 MB)


Supercharge your connection (Friday Khutbah)

Friday Khutbah, April 12, 2013 at the Islamic Centre of Kingston (Ontario)

The prescription is to connect with our Lord five times every day. What does the quality of this connection, on our part, tell us about our relationship with Allah? What type of connection does He expect? How can we make sure we make these calls on time, especially early in the morning?

Supercharge your connection (Runs 30:40~ 14 MB)


The secret behind an anxiety-free life (Friday Khutbah)

Friday Khutbah, March 22, 2013 at the Islamic Centre of Kingston (Ontario)

Anxiety and uncertainty regarding important matters such as marriage, work and finances can weigh heavily on our minds and hearts. For the believers, there is a formula that can grant them an anxiety-free life, but there’s just one catch.

The secret behind an anxiety-free life (Runs 29:30 ~ 10.1 MB)